Born in Dorset, England Cara Wassenberg is a British sculptor who works in forged steel and copper and more recently cast glass. She makes sculptures for gardens and public spaces as well as smaller pieces for domestic interiors and exhibitions.

In 2014 she completed her largest-scale outdoor work “Riverbed”. This was commissioned by the owners of Rockingham Castle in Northamptonshire for their recently redesigned Rose Garden. The flow of water over the forged copper panels of the sculpture affected the atmosphere and brought a different focus to this part of the garden. This was a turning point in Cara’s work and since making Riverbed she has become increasingly interested in working to a more site-specific brief.

Using steel, copper and glass she is currently developing work which is made using a combination of forging and casting techniques. By allowing these materials to influence and affect the other (during a controlled making process) feelings of tension and transition can start to become evident in the work along with more organic interactions.

Cara’s work is often abstract but it contains strong references to the visual language of the countryside. Its organic forms and the aesthetic that she sees in the tools, techniques and process of craft and agricultural practice provides inspiration for her sculpture.